Importnat Information

  • With effect from the 21 October 2019 all visa applicants are requested to book an appointment using their personal credentials. Walk-in applications for short and long stay visas both will not be entertained at the Visa Center.
  • With immediate effect, in order to submit the legalizations for divorces issued from Sri Lanka it is mandatory to include in the application a copy of the identity documents of both the ex-spouses and the written communication with proof of receipt to the competent Italian Questura (Police Headquarter) from both the ex-spouses informing about the change of the civil status from married to divorced and therefore the missing pre-requisites for a family reunion permit stay (permesso di soggiorno). In the letter to the Questura the cancelled permit stay details of the ex-spouse after the divorce must be mentioned.
  • Beware of fraudulent job offers. For more details – click here